Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Powder Metallurgy

Powder  metallurgy technique is used to mix the material which does not form alloy.
Powder Metallurgy is a manufacturing method to produce components by bringing a powder of the starting material into desired end shape.
Material used may be metal, ceramic or a polymer and the essential feature is that the bond between particles is produced without total melting.


Particles of desired composition are produced and brought to the desired shape. They were also blended (if several constituents are used) to ensure even distribution.
Particles are then compacted to bring them into close proximation while imparting the desired part configuration.
The compacts are then sintered to establish permanent, strong bonds between adjacent particles. The sintered components may be subjected to finishing processes.
Steps Involved
Particles of desired size are produced.
Blend particles to ensure even distribution.
Compact particles to impart desired shape.
Sinter parts to create strong, permanent bonds between particles.
Finishing operations.

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